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Operator training

For our products, the wireM laser welding head and the SGC500 inert gas chamber, we offer our customers an operator training. This contains an effective instruction in handling, installation and adjustment. Learning the approach for a precise process setup and a methodic logging of the process parameters enable an effective welding start.

The service is suitable for both experienced machine operators and beginners. The training is possible individually or in a group of up to three persons. The time frame is two or three days.

Operator training covers the following topics:

  • instruction into assembly of the wireM laser welding head and the SGC500 inert gas chamber for integration to a laser processing machine

  • handling of the deflaction sensor, the liquid circulation as well as the pneumatic and mechanical functions integrated in the wireM laser welding head

  • execution of assembly and connection of available peripheral systems such as wire feeder and camera systems as well as their commissioning

  • training in the recommended regular maintenance work, the appropriate tools and the right documentation

  • learning of process basics and parameter settings for direction-independent welding of single tracks, single layer and multi-layer volumes

Operator and machine specific learning scope as well as online lessons are possible on request.

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