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Laser wire deposition

Component protection against mechanical, thermal or chemical wear are only three possible applications of laser wire deposition, also known as laser wire cladding and wire overlay welding with laser. By using our coaxial laser welding head wireM, the welding process can be carried out independently of the direction, so that the coatings can be applied not only to rotationally symmetrical but also to flat and freely formed component surfaces. By selecting the wire filler material according to the requirements, the achievable coating properties can be adapted to the desired requirements.

Laser wire deposition has the following characteristic features:
  • A low energy input causes a flat penetration by mixing the welding wire only minimally with the component material.

  • Complete utilisation of the filler wire results in particularly clean process conditions for human and machine.

  • By selecting the laser power and the wire diameter, the layer thickness can be varied and thus only as much material as necessary can be applied in a cost-efficient manner.

  • The use of the SGC500 shielding gas chamber for welding in an inert, oxygen-free process atmosphere makes it possible, for example, to suppress tempering colours and oxide formation for titanium and iron materials.

Thanks to our 16 years of technological experience, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on the installation and application of direction-independent laser wire deposition.

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