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Laser welding head wireM

The coaxial laser welding head wireM is based on a 3-beam optical concept with centric wire feed for direction-independent process control. A variety of fibre-coupled industrial lasers up to a power of 4.0 kW can be used as the beam source. In the standard version, the head is equipped with a drive for wire diameters in the range 0.8 to 1.2 mm. With peripheral systems and media lines, a total weight of approx. 20 kg must be considered for integration into a laser machine.

The laser welding head wireM has the following technical features:
  • a deflection sensor to protect against damage in the event of collisions or process errors,

  • an XYZ adjustment unit for precise adjustment of the laser spot – wire input arrangement,

  • shielding the built-in cover glasses by means of crossjet against splashes,

  • the reduction of fume contamination on the cover glasses by an integrated downjet and

  • the possibility to replace the protective glasses by means of interchangeable slides.

Special designs are possible on customer request.

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