coaxworks wireM while commissioning

Commissioning support

We offer our customers commissioning support for our products, the wireM laser welding head and the SGC500 shielding gas chamber. Among other things, the design and installation of the mechanical interfaces as well as the selection and connection of media and sensors are considered. The appropriate coordination between the peripherals laser, wire feeder and camera technology is also part of the content. The technical commissioning usually concludes with an initial welding test so that the delivered components are ready for use.

The service is suitable for project managers, installers and design engineers.

Machine-specific special interfaces, project-dependent special features and personnel-related knowledge can be taken into account on a customer-specific basis.

The main focus of the commissioning is the following:

  • mounting of the welding head to customers machine

  • interfaces installation to laser system, wire feeder and camera

  • verification of the function of the deflectionable collision sensor

  • instruction for operation, handling and maintenance

  • ensuring performance parameters for all delivered components

A customisation of the content is possible.

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