coaxworks hight power laser welding head new generation 2023

Laser welding head wireXL | Innovation 2023

The high-performance solution for a laser wire cladding process and wire-based additive manufacturing

With the product launch of our new wireXL laser welding head for efficient processes in the power range up to 10 kW laser power, we offer our customers a new and modern welding option. With new digitalisation functions, the possibilities of the manufacturing processes are fully exploited.

For the first time, a deposition rate of up to 5 kg/h is possible for steel wires with our proven, direction-independent 3-beam concept. Other materials such as nickel, titanium, copper and cobalt alloys extend the range of applications.

New integrated special functions enable active process monitoring, on-line monitoring of the welding data and condition monitoring of the head. The consistency of the data offers numerous advantages in terms of production control, quality assurance and cost calculation.

The process head can be installed as fixed basic equipment or as interchangeable equipment in laser processing maschines. This increases the ability to functionalise or repair surfaces of large metallic components faster and more cost-effectively.

Clean production environment for human and machine, the ecologically sensible 100 percent utilisation of the filler wire as well as the complete automation of the welding process are important benefits with added value for industrial applications.

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