coaxworks wireM while welding behind blue glass

Feasibility study

We offer feasibility studies for the possible applications with our products, 3D metal deposition, laser wire deposition and additive repair cladding. For this purpose, we work together with our customers to determine the machine setup, the materials to be processed and the scope of the study in order to clarify open questions in a targeted manner.

With a feasibility study, statements can be made on the following points, for example:

  • Is the wireM laser welding head suitable for the welding task?

  • What influence does the use of the SGC500 shielding gas chamber have on the welding behaviour?

  • Which process parameters produce the best possible welding result?

  • Which welding strategy results in a rebusy and reliably reproducible process?

  • What is the range of important characteristics such as productivity and geometric resolution?

A customisation of the content is possible.

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