Glossary for technical terms

Our coaxworks glossary contains technical terms that are relevant to our products, services and applications in the field of laser wire deposition.

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Most of the definitions used here can also be found here or at the individual country-specific standardisation institutes:

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additive manufacturing (AM)

Additive manufacturing means the ‘process of joining materials to make parts from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing and formative manufacturing methodologies’. ‘Historical terms include: additive fabrication, additive processes, additive techniques, additive layer manufacturing, layer manufacturing, solid freeform fabrication and freeform fabrication.’

[ISO/ASTM 52900:2021, Additive manufacturing — General principles — Fundamentals and vocabulary]

We carry out additive manufacturing with metal. From the production of prototypes to customised designs - additive manufacturing is flexible in its applications.