Glossary for technical terms

Our coaxworks glossary contains technical terms that are relevant to our products, services and applications in the field of laser wire deposition.

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Most of the definitions used here can also be found here or at the individual country-specific standardisation institutes:

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There are currently 2 technical terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
beam waist

Similar terms: focus, focal point

The beam waist means the ‘portion of a beam where the beam diameter or beam width has a local minimum’.

[ISO 11145:2018, Optics and photonics — Lasers and laser-related equipment — Vocabulary and symbols]

The beam waist is thus the most energetic area of the laser beam and the place where the welding process is carried out. We also feed the 3 partial laser beams into our beam waist to melt the welding wire evenly.
building up

Similar term: build up [ISO/TR 25901-1]

Building up means ‘overlay welding to obtain or restore required dimensions’.

[ISO/TR 25901-1:2016-03, Welding and allied processes — Vocabulary — Part 1: General terms]

The wire material is used for the building up. The terms building up and surfacing are used in a similar way.