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Our coaxworks glossary contains technical terms that are relevant to our products, services and applications in the field of laser wire deposition.

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There are currently 6 technical terms in this directory beginning with the letter L.

A Laser means a ‘device having an energized amplifying medium within an optical resonator that generates coherent electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths up to 1 mm by means of amplified stimulated emission’.

[ISO 11145:2018-11, Optics and photonics — Lasers and laser-related equipment — Vocabulary and symbols]
laser beam cladding

Similar term: laser cladding

Laser beam cladding means overlay welding by means of laser welding. [ISO 15609-4]

Laser beam cladding is the generic term for laser wire deposition.
laser metal deposition (LMD)

Similar term: DED-LB/M [ISO/ASTM 52900, ISO/ASTM TR 52912]

Laser metal deposition means a directed energy deposition (DED) with a laser beam (-LB) on metallic materials (/M). [ISO/ASTM 52900, ISO/ASTM TR 52912]

Laser wire deposition is a part of laser metal deposition. In our laser metal deposition process, the metal of the filler wire is deposited by welding. The filler wire, including a small part of the metal workpiece, is melted and firmly bonded.
laser processing machine

Similar terms: laser unit [ISO 11145], machining center [ISO 10791], CNC machine, laser cell

A laser processing machine means a ‘machine in which (an) embedded laser(s) provide(s) sufficient energy or power to melt, evaporate, or cause a phase transition in at least a part of the workpiece, and which is ready to use in function and safety’.

[ISO 11553-1:2020-04, Safety of machinery — Laser processing machines — Part 1: Laser safety requirements]

The laser processing machine is, for our laser welding head (processing head, as interchangeable equipment), the basic machinery [Guidance to application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, edition 2.2, European Commission].

The laser processing machine also includes safety requirements.
laser welding

Similar term: laser beam welding

Laser welding means ‘fusion welding using a coherent beam of monochromatic light’.
[ISO/TR 25901-3:2016-03, Welding and allied processes – Vocabulary – Part 3: Welding processes]
laser wire deposition

Similar terms: laser metal deposition with wire (LMDW) [DIN 17024], wire laser additive manufacturing (WLAM) [DIN 17024]

Laser wire deposition means directed energy deposition with the welding consumable wire and the main energy source laser beam. [translated after DIN 17024]

In laser wire deposition, the filler wire is melted with a laser. Our laser welding heads enable your laser processing machine to perform the laser wire deposition process.